Meet Leany

We are Fire Heart Dancers, a collective of accomplished circus artists who embody a fervent passion for our craft. Our unwavering dedication and motivation fuel our creative endeavors, as we seek to inspire and enthrall through our dynamic fusion of dance, acrobatics, and flow arts.

Our visionary founders, Leany and Jewelle, have united their expertise and experience to curate the epitome of luxury entertainment, showcasing the industry’s most exceptional performers. With a decade of experience in the realm of entertainment, we confidently guarantee an unforgettable experience that will resonate with your guests for years to come.

Leany grew up traveling the world since a young age with her mother being in the military. She started off in modeling and traveled to places like Paris, France and Rota, Spain. Eventually she found her way into the circus world where she learned about juggling, fire hoola hooping, fire breathing, walking on stilts, arial acrobatics, and more. With plenty of practice and experience she has become one of the best performers in her industry and has performed at several celebrity events.

Now, she travels the country with her circus troupe, Fireheart Dancers, to put on amazing shows that will leave you mesmerized. With their stunning pyrotechnics, circus performers, LED Shows, and more, they’ll leave you absolutely spellbound. Contact them today to book your show!

Meet Jewelle

Jewelle bio here

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